Global Hydration is thrilled to be bringing the very fun and very healthy Citrus Zinger, Aqua Zinger Bottles Canada and Kid Zinger water bottles to Canada through it’s Elua brand Citrus Zinger Canada – Global Hydration. Elua is a dedicated brand focussed on making your water better. While Global Hydration continues to be a leader in making water safe, it’s new brand Elua expands the focus, making water better for a all through innovative products such as the fruit infusing water bottle line from Zing Anything.

Zing Anything water bottles offer a refreshing new way to subtly infuse all-natural ingredients into your drinking water. Citrus Zinger Canada.

Click here to purchase Citrus Zingers, Aqua Zinger or Kid Zinger Water Bottles in Canada.

For more information about Zing Anything water bottles in Canada please contact Global Hydration.

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