Untreated water, even in the most environmentally clean places in the world, cancontain a number of pathogens and contaminants. This contamination can be caused by humans or by the natural process. For example, you might never know if there’s an animal corpse in the water upstream adding deadly pathogens to the water. A compact water filtration system will eliminate the most dangerous of these pathogens and improve the general taste and odor of water. The liquid will be much more palatable and easier to drink.

What Do You Need to Know About Compact Water Filtration?

Compact filters are easy to use, convenient, lightweight, and efficient. Good quality ones will remove the most dangerous pathogens from your water and ensure it’s safe for you to drink. Here are some thinks you need to keep in mind before you purchase these filters:

  • Certifications – Not all compact water filtration systems are made equal so you need to choose products that are certified and proven to be efficient. The internationally accepted standards are created NSF or National Science Foundation and third-party agencies like CSA, UL, and WQA provide testing and certifications based on that standard. If your filters have these certifications printed on them, you can use them without hesitation.
  • Some Water Filters are Slow – The speed of water flow depends largely on the type of compact water filtrations system you use. Filters that use reverse-osmosis or come in carafe form are slower. They’re good for one or two people,but not suitable for a full family. You can test the flow speed of the filters on the package and decide which option would be ideal for you.

You should also keep in mind that filters must be replaced regularly. Clogged and dirty filters will add contaminants to the water instead of removing them. If you want good quality filters and compact water filtration systems, just give us at Global Hydration a call.