Water Bottles Canada- Global Hydration is pleased to announce the launch of it’s Glasstic water bottle wholesale program in Canada.

“The Glasstic water bottle has quickly become one of our favourite water bottles.” says Global Hydration Co-Founder Andrew Moorey.Wholesale Water Bottles -Glasstic Water Bottle Wholesale Program Launched by Global Hydration in Canada “We’re very happy to officially come on board as the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Glasstic water bottle in Canada.” continues Moorey. “Our goal is to share with more Canadian just how easy it is to switch to a good quality, reusable glass water bottle when you don’t have to worry about it breaking.”

One of the easiest ways to make your drinking water  better is to drink it from a glass water bottle. Glass provides better taste while also eliminating concerns with chemical leaching, BPA or estrogen mimickers that can be a common problem when using  plastic water bottles, especially single use single use PET water bottles. While many consumers want to switch to glass water bottles some have concerns with glass water bottles breaking. Glasstic has solved this problem, creating the first shatterproof water bottle. A premium quality  glass bottle is wrapped with a durable plastic sleeve to create Glasstic, a shatterproof glass water bottle,  protected from life’s bumps. Wholesale Water Bottles Global Hydration in Canada.

For more information about retailing Glasstic water bottles in Canada please contact exclusive master distributor Global Hydration for it’s wholesale price program:


Andrew Moorey, Co-Founder

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