Grayl Water Filter Bottles Canada-Global Hydration is very excited to announce it has added the incredibly innovative Grayl Canada – Global Hydration Brings GRAYL Water Filter Bottles to Canada. GRAYL Water Filter and Purifier Bottles are now available  from Elua. Elua is Global Hydration’s consumer facing brand, a brand  dedicated to “Better Water, Better Life!”.

The Grayl Water Filter Bottle offers Canadians a brand new alternative to filtering water. The GRAYL Water Filter Bottle is perfect for transforming municipal tap water at home or at work into a water that’s better than bottled. Tested according to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 protocols, the GRAYL G3+ filter removes a wide range of chemicals, heavy metals and pathogens. The optional GRAYL G3+ Purifier cartridge reduces bacteria, viruses and cysts by 99.999% – perfect for those working or playing in the Canadian outdoors or leaving‚ Canada for international travel. Grayl Canada.

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For more information about GRAYL Water Filter Bottle in Canada please contact:

Andrew Moorey, Co-Founder
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