Home Water Treatment System-Global Hydration launches new brand “Elua”.

Global Hydration is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand Elua. As a division of Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc., Elua was created in response to a need by the broader community for an alternative to bottled water.

In creating Elua, the founders of Global Hydration wanted to make drinking water simple again and take their expertise in purifying some of the toughest water sources in the world and create a solution for homes and workplaces where bottled water has unfortunately become the accepted norm. Elua provides point of use water filtration systems and bottleless water coolers that are both functional yet stylish, offering significant cost savings to families and businesses while also increasing their freedom, improving their health and reducing the carbon footprint. At the heart of Elua is also a comittment to giving back through their partnership with charity: water.

For more information please visit elua.com or contact:

Andrew Moorey, CEO
Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.

Phone: +1 (807) 577-0030
Email: info@globalhydration.com/

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