Municipal water supply agencies are obligated to provide filtered and safe to drink water to their clients. They need to adhere to higher safety standards and must use more sophisticated filtration systems to ensure the water supplied to the clients doesn’t contain any form of the deadly or harmful pathogen. They also need to remove all traces of harmful chemicals that you can find in freshwater and groundwater systems.

How Does Municipal Water Filtration Work?

Most municipal and government filtration systems have three stages to ensure all harmful elements are successfully removed from the system. Here’s a brief description of the process:

  • First Step – This is the collection and screening process. Facilities draw water from different sources and test it for contaminants and chemicals. This allows the establishment to create a thorough municipal water filtration plan tailored to that particular water composition.
  • Second Step – At this stage, the filtration facility will remove most of the contaminants, including some fine solids with the help of filters and membranes. Facilities will also use processes like coagulation and flocculation to remove most of the contaminants.
  • Third Step – The final step is to adjust the water to ensure it is drinkable. The facility will administer the last few treatments to adjust the pH level, use carbon to remove taste and odors, and disinfect the water. This treated water is stored for a small period of time to ensure the disinfecting agent has done its work before the water is supplied.

The filtration system should carry out this entire process smoothly and efficiently. Homeowners and clients can add another filtration system on their property if they want to make sure the water they consume is safe to drink. Most municipalities will test the water regularly and thorough to ensure the municipal water filtration system works efficiently.

At Global Hydration, we can provide large scale and small residential water filtration systems so we can answer any questions you might have regarding this process.