People often take fresh and clean water for granted because you can get easy access to drinking water in most cities, towns, suburbs, and villages. However, when you move away from civilization and tour the remote regions in the world, you need to rely on the natural resources. You don’t get free access to clean water in such situations and must improvise with the right tools and techniques.

Outdoor water filtration systems are a great solution and will help you eliminate the most dangerous pathogens from the water.

What Kind of Pathogens Do You Find in Water?

Even water from the cleanest outdoor environments can contain deadly pathogens and contaminants. The type of pathogen depends largely on the environment, weather conditions, and human activity surrounding the area. Pathogens like giardia lambia and cryptosporidium spp are present in large quantities in from backcountries in Canada and US.

These pathogens can cause diarrhea and make you sick quickly. Warmer weather regions have different pathogens in their water. For example, you’re more likely to find leptospiraspp in Hawaii and other temperate climate regions. You’re also likely to encounter pathogens that cause cholera and typhoid in other regions of the world and the only way to avoid them is through outdoor water filtration systems.

When Do You Need to Use Outdoor Water Filtration Systems?

Outdoor filtration systems are designed for outdoor use so they’re easy to move around, lightweight, convenient, and effective. They will filter out the most dangerous pathogens and ensure your water is safe to drink. We recommend outdoor filtration systems if you intend to:

  • Go camping for a long time in remote locations.
  • Go trekking without adequate amount of water in locations without access to drinking water.
  • Visit countries and regions known for scarcity of safe and treated drinking water.

You can contact us at Global Hydration if you need to know more about the systems or purchase one. We will give you access to the best products available in the market.