FIRST NATION WATER PURIFICATION-Global Hydration is very proud to be supporting the Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team (O.V.E.R.T) as they deploy to Attawapiskat, Ontario. After recently declaring a state of emergency, many community members are currently without clean drinking water and those living in shelters are beginning to suffer from associated medical problems. Upon hearing of the crisis the members of the Baagwatting Community Association generously pledged $100,000 to aid the people in Attawapiskat, asking O.V.E.R.T to help deliver the aid. Specialists in emergency deployments and disaster aid, the O.V.E.R.T. team partnered with Global Hydration to find a solution to help the people of Attawapiskat. The O.V.E.R.T team deploying to Attawapiskat will provide medical assistance and humanitarian aid including Sawyer Water Purifiers and Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets as supplied by Global Hydration.

Global Hydration CEO Andrew Moorey states Kudos to OVERT for getting the job done in Attawapiskat. This is really an incredible story of people helping people and we’re very proud to be part it. First Nation Water Purification.

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