Disaster Aid Water-Global Hydration helps safely rehydrate sick children in PACIFIC Guatemala.

Global Hydration is very excited to announce its recent partnership with the hard working Canadian NGO Disaster Aid Watercheap jerseys “Wells of Hope”. While drilling wells for long term use, Wells of Hope also works to immediately improve Canada the lives of those families it encounters. Global Hydration has donated enough AQUATABS to produce over 1,000,000 L of safe drinking water which will be used to rehydrate over seksualiteit 40,000 sick children. Waterborne disease is a cheap nba jerseys leading factor in the health of children in the area where the store mortality rate can be as high as 45%. AQUATABS wholesale nfl jerseys will make an immediate and significant impact in this region. Disaster Aid primo Water.

AQUATABS will be used in clinics and rehydration efforts as conducted by Canadian doctors volunteering with Wells of Hope. Please check back for more news and photos from the field in the coming months. For more Drinking information about this very edificio important registered charity please visit www.warehouseofhope.com and click on “Wells of Hope”. For more information about AQUATABS and Global Hydrations commitment to charitable causes please visit www.aquatabs.ca or contact:

For more information please contact:
Andrew Moorey, President
Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.

Phone: (807) 577-0030
Email: info@globalhydration.com