At Global Hydration, we’re committed to providing each of our customers with the information and knowledge to help them find the right water purification solution for their unique needs. Please consider this part of our website a library of resources to even further support your project or needs.

Please choose from one of the categories below for more information, documents and links about water, waterborne disease, regulations and guidelines and so much more.

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White Papers

Our collection of White Papers include a wide range of fact sheets, memorandums and reports covering topics such as UV disinfection, water purification tablet uses and instructions, chlorination, regulations, emergency preparedness, membrane filtration, and more.

Waterborne Disease

When it comes to protecting your health from unsafe drinking water, you need to know as much as possible about the types of waterborne bacteria, viruses and cysts that exist and how to prevent them.

Drinking Water Regulations and Guidelines

For your convenience, we have collected a wide range of governmental water regulation and guideline resources.