Skratch Labs, the all-natural exercise hydration drink mix is now available in Canada. If you’re looking for Skratch Labs Canada – Skratch Labs – Now Available In Canada From Global Hydration
“We wanted to add Skratch Labs to our family of products after getting more and more requests for an electrolyte drink mix that would help people stay hydrated during both work and play” says Global Hydration President Andrew Moorey. “From Canada’s elite heavy urban search and rescue teams to weekend warriors cycling and skiing, our customers kept asking us for a hydration type of drink mix that would perform better than the Gatorade-like drinks that just weren’t keeping up with their activities. These Gatorade-like products looked pretty and were easy to purchase but often times resulted in stomach upset at the worst possible time.” says Moorey. Skratch Labs Canada.

“Our customers have become smarter than the beverage companies marketing departments” says Moorey, “They want a drink mix that is free of artificial sweeteners, colours and chemicals, tastes great and most importantly – works! It has to keep them safely hydrated. Remember, these are elite fire fighters, police agenices and construction workers who sweat for a living and for whom dehydration could prevent them from performing life-saving work. The Exercise Hydration drink mix from Skratch Labs simply works better than the rest and that’s why we wanted to add it to our family of solutions.”

For indivdual users, Skratch Labs drink mixes can be purchased in Canada from our consumer brand Elua, Better Water – Better Life.

For corporate accounts, Skratch Labs hydration products can be purchased in Canada for fire-fighting, policing, construction, etc. by contacting Global Hydration – master case pricing available.

For more information about Skratch Labs products in Canada please contact:

Andrew Moorey, Co-Founder & President
Elua | Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.
Toll Free: 1-888-998-0030

Elua – Better Water, Better Life!