Global Hydration is very excited to announce it has brought the True Lemon lineup of all natural drink mixes from True Citrus to Canada. “While our company started in the water filtration business, even the purest, safest water can become a bit boring to drink.” says Global Hydration CEO Andrew Moorey. Moorey continues “Drinking 2-3 L a day is a lot of work and adding some flavour can make staying hydrated and healthy easier. What we liked about the True Lemon brand of products from True Citrus is how simple and how natural they are. By cold pressing and cry stalling pure lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange into convenient, easy to use single serving packets you really no longer have a reason no to drink up!”

True Citrus products such as True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange and True Lemon Lemonade (Raspberry and Original) is now available in Canada from Elua. Elua is Global Hydration’s consumer facing brand, a brand dedicated to “Better Water, Better Life!”. True Lemon Canada.

Click here to purchase True Lemon drink mixes by True Citrus in Canada.

For more information about True Lemon products by True Citrus in Canada please contact:

Andrew Moorey, Co-Founder
Elua | Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.
Toll Free: 1-888-998-0030

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