Water Purification Mining Canada – Trade Winds Ventures Inc. chooses the Can Pure Model #5 WPS for remote mining exploration camp in Northern Ontario.

Global Hydration is pleased to announce that Trade Winds Ventures Inc. (recently acquired by Detour Gold Corporation) has chosen the Model #5 Can Pure Water Purification System to protect a remote mining exploration camp in Northernern Ontario. The Model #5 WPS was chosen for its portability, ease of use and reliability in remote settings. Global Hydration also provided engineering support and system design, incorporating a number of new modules into the camps current operations. These modules included a submersible pump, heated and insulated supply line and organic colour removal system. Global Hydration field staff provided on-site training and commissioning and is pleased to welcome Trade Winds Ventures (and Detour Gold) as new customers. Water Purification Mining.

For more information about Trade Winds Ventures or Detour Gold please visit http://www.tradewindsventures.com/ orhttp://www.detourgold.com/

For more information about Global Hydration or this specific project, please contact:

Andrew Moorey, CEO
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