Water Treatment Plants Canada Ring of Fire-Cliffs Natural Resources chooses Global Hydration to design water treatment plant for their Ring of Fire operations.

Global Hydration is pleased to announce that Cliffs Natural Resources has chosen Global Hydration to design and install the new water treatment plant at their remote exploration camp and operations base located in an area in Northern Ontario referred to as the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is known for its substantial Chromite deposits. Global Hydration CEO Andrew Moorey announced the project today by stating “We’re incredibly proud to have been chosen by Cliffs for this important project and look forward to working closely with their field staff to provide them with secure access to clean, clear drinking water in what can only be described as a very remote and challenging worksite.” Water Treatment Plant Ring of Fire.

For more information about Global Hydration or this specific project, please contact:

Andrew Moorey, CEO
Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.

Phone: +1 (807) 577-0030
Email: info@globalhydration.com/

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