Established Distribution Network

Let us bring your product to the Canadian market and our established distribution network. We can present your product to current buyers in a wide range of markets including outdoor sport, travel health, pharmaceutical, remote industry, remote municipal, military, emergency preparedness and more. We spent years building our network to include wholesale buyers, distributors, specialty partners and reps. Specialists

We specialize in distributing products via Get your products onto the platform without having to register for and collect Canadian taxes, without having to pay brokerage and duties and without having to allocate time to monitor a second platform. We will quickly and proficiently create and monitor listings, ship via fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), respond to warranty and customer service claims and use third party, approved tools to maximize the customers experience and drive sales. Ship to our USA dock and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our network of buyers and retailers are ready for your product. We can present your product immediately to a wide range of markets including outdoor sports, military, travel health, pharma and more. is a second platform that requires a significant amount of work and resources to set up and manage. Let our experience work for you. Ship to our USA dock and we’ll take care of the rest.

Need bilingual packaging, labeling and French translation work? We can help make your product Canadian compliant. From second position French labels to fully bi-lingual retail packaging and inserts, we can get the job done quickly and accurately.

Do you regularly turn away Canadian customers because of high shipping costs, brokerage and duty charges and long shipping times? Let us retail your product in Canada through and our consumer website so you can direct your customers to reliable and trustworthy Canadian shopping option.

We receive US origin shipments to our US dock in MN, USA. Our broker and shipping team handle the final shipment over the border. We make expansion to Canada quick and easy.

Warranty and customer service work is expensive at the best of times. International borders between you and your customer make this even worse. We stock spare parts and inventory in Canada so we can quickly and professionally respond to customer service and warranty claims made to you or us.

International Imporation

Global Hydration has the experience and logistics team to support requirements around the globe.

Our experience as distributor for European brands has given us the experience and logistics network to quickly and economically import products into Canada.

Our network of shippers, brokers and expediters has been built on quality, reliability and experience.

We offer a wide range of services including repacking, bulk packing, bilingual translation work and more. Let us bring your product to the Canadian marketplace.

Established Distribution