Advanced Water Purification

Your team can’t do it’s job without safe drinking water. Nor can it compromise on the quality of it’s drinking water when deployed to the field. Advanced water purification is a must to ensure a safe working environment for any disaster rescue team. Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Teams (HUSAR), Urban Search and Rescue Teams (USAR), Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and even Mountain Search and Rescue Teams require compact, portable, easily deployable and transportable water purification systems that will go anywhere and work in the most extreme environments.

We’ve worked with disaster response teams and search and rescue teams around the globe providing tailored solutions, support and training to ensure they are properly supported with advanced water purification.

Proven Solutions

We offer a wide array of rugged, reliable and proven water purification solutions designed for disaster response. Advanced water purification technologies including flocculation, desalination, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, sand filtration, ultraviolet light disinfection, chlorination and more are available in a wide variety of sizes, platforms and encapsulation solutions including aluminum, rotomoulded plastic and economical wood.

Choose from off-the-shelf systems or ask our team about customization options and accessories. From shower systems to bladders, diesel pumps to hot water heaters, we can provide a complete system from start to finish.

We offer portable systems with advanced water purification features such as desalination and NSF certified UV systems with data logging and more. From suit case systems to support small teams to modular or containerized systems, we have the right system for your application, proven by disaster rescue teams around the globe.

Advanced water purification and treatment relies on critical infrastructure like water bladders, pillow tanks and onion tanks. From individual water bladders to fully integrated and turn-key systems, we offer off the shelf and custom made bladders including cold weather solutions.

When you need to move water, raw or treated, we have a wide selection of pumps and hoses to get the job done. Choose from diesel, gasoline or electric pumps, standard or stainless. Pumps need hose and we offer food grade, certified, insulated, layflat, supply or suction. Let us help you put together the right pump and hose package for your project.

Standard fire hose or industrial hose is NOT suitable for use with potable water. Chemical lubricants inside the hose, preservatives and fire retardents will quickly contaminate drinking water and could cause abdominal issues and stomach upset. We offer food grade, certified, insulated, layflat, supply or suction. Let us help you put together the right pump and hose package for your project.

Working alongside disaster rescue teams in both hot and cold environments has given us the experience and know how to design robust and reliable water distribution systems including portable showers, sinks, hot water heaters, grey water systems and more.

Advanced water purification has become progressively more complicated as technology and requirements have increased. Let our team train and support your team to ensure optimum field operations. We’ve trained and supported customers during both training exercises and live deployments.

Global Logistics

Global Hydration has the experience and logistics team to support requirements around the globe.

We’ve coordinated dedicated air shipments of humanitarian aid and fire rescue services to places like Haiti, Syria and Turkey. We’ve supported disaster aid teams in the heat of Panama and the cold of Canada’s north. We ship to remote first nations communities, mining exploration camps and fly-in fishing camps. We also offer fulfillment services, packaging solutions and warehousing services for Canadian product distribution.

Expedited air cargo, sea cargo, LTL, common courier, bus, float plane – we’re dedicated to get your shipment delivered each and every time, on time. Our network of shippers and expediters has been built on quality, reliability and experience.

We offer specialty services and support including notary work, stamps and certifications, commercial invoices, brokerage, insurance and more.

Where do you need safe drinking water?