Potable Water Anywhere

We know portable water purification systems. In fact, we built our business on them. As designers and manufacturers of the Can Pure Water Purification Systems, we’ve built one of the most advanced portable systems on the market today. But we didn’t stop there! We took our experience and global reach to form partnerships with specialty manufacturers around the world and now distribute an extensive range of water purification systems and solutions.

Compact, Lightweight Systems

We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your application. We have an extensive catalog of portable water purification systems in a wide range of sizes, platforms, cases and technologies. Microfiltration, NSF 55 Class A UV disinfection, RO and UF are now available in platforms as small as a suitcase. From portable, trailer mounted water purification systems to systems suitable for commercial air travel and everything in between, contact us today to find the right system for project.

When the call comes, disaster response teams must move quickly and efficiently, transporting personnel and equipment into hard to reach locations. Safe drinking water is a must and bottled water is simply to heavy to be practical. Our extensive experience with disaster response teams allows us to offer the most comprehensive choice of portable water purification systems available today.

From mining camps to tree planting to off the grid construction, portable water purification systems can generate significant savings compared to bottled water. Bottled water is heavy, expensive to ship and can put camps at risk in the event the supply chain is interrupted due to weather, product availability, etc. Get a reliable, proven and professionally supported water purification system and get on with business.

Remote villages and communities are by nature, difficult to access. Air transportation can be difficult and portable water purification systems can reduce costs and speed up response times. Turn-key systems ready to go out of the box present numerous advantages over build-on-site systems.

Whether you are outfitting an emergency kit for your home or preparing to assist with a global disaster, emergency water purification systems must be highly portable, compact, lightweight and easy to ship and deploy. We know emergency preparedness and can offer a wide range of portable water purification tablets and systems backed by proven field use and professional support.

Fire and Rescue Teams have particular requirements when it comes to portable water purification systems. Advanced treatment technologies, ease of use, rugged design and compact, lightweight footprints are a must. Let our experience with fire and rescue help your team ensure safe drinking water during each and every deployment.

Business continuity ensures your business and team are protected during a black out, natural disaster or terrorist attack. Power, communications, food and of course water are a must. When it comes to drinking water, don’t let your business continuity plan rely on bottled water, something that is difficult to store, transport and access post disaster. Protect your team with a portable and surprisingly cost effective water purification system.

Global Logistics

Global Hydration has the experience and logistics team to support requirements around the globe.

We’ve coordinated dedicated air shipments of humanitarian aid to places like Haiti, Syria and Turkey. We’ve supported disaster aid teams in the heat of Panama and the cold of Canada’s north. We ship to remote first nations communities, mining exploration camps and fly-in fishing camps. We also offer fulfillment services, packaging solutions and warehousing services for Canadian product distribution.

Expedited air cargo, sea cargo, LTL, common courier, bus, float plane we’re dedicated to get your shipment delivered each and every time, on time. Our network of shippers and expediters has been built on quality, reliability and experience.

We offer specialty services and support including notary work, stamps and certifications, commercial invoices, brokerage, insurance and more.

Where do you need safe drinking water?