Professional Services

At Global Hydration we offer tailored training and support services to help you meet your operational objectives. From classroom training to support in the field, we can train your team, support them if shorthanded during exercises and deployments or provide after hours one on one support. Or goal is to ensure maximum up time for your team and business.

Training & Support

Tougher regulations, more inspections and challenging contaminants have created a demand for more advanced water treatment technologies. Training and support is an important aspect to ensuring operational success. By choosing Global Hydration you’ll have access to a full suite of training and support services tailored to your needs.

Our classroom training services include post sales product training, technology comparisons, emergency preparedness presentations, business continuity training and more. Ask us how we can help support your organization.

Field training in real world situations will provide your team with the tools and experience to ensure a successful deployment. Reading a product manual at a desk or dry fitting it on the warehouse floor is simply no match to wet operation in the field. We’ve trained private industry in the remote north, international rescue teams and NGOs. We’re happy to set up live training exercises for products and systems you may have purchased elsewhere.

Many disaster rescue teams, fire and ambulance agencies and emergency preparedness organizations (municipal or private) have more responsibilities and technologies to train on then the calendar permits. If your team needs to deploy but are not comfortable operating their water treatment system, let our team deploy with them to ensure safe drinking water while allowing emergency personnel to focus on front line operations.

We strive to ensure 24/7 coverage, supporting our customers when they need it most.

Need a full time, part-time or emergency water treatment plant operator? Call us for more details.

Need an independent authority to help troubleshoot water quality issues, technology choice, plant design, regulations or other challenges? Put our experience, knowledge and network to work for you.

Global Logistics

Global Hydration has the experience and logistics team to support requirements around the globe.

We’ve coordinated dedicated air shipments of humanitarian aid to places like Haiti, Syria and Turkey. We’ve supported disaster aid teams in the heat of Panama and the cold of Canada’s north. We ship to remote first nations communities, mining exploration camps and fly-in fishing camps. We also offer fulfillment services, packaging solutions and warehousing services for Canadian product distribution.

Expedited air cargo, sea cargo, LTL, common courier, bus, float plane we’re dedicated to get your shipment delivered each and every time, on time. Our network of shippers and expediters has been built on quality, reliability and experience.

We offer specialty services and support including notary work, stamps and certifications, commercial invoices, brokerage, insurance and more.

Where do you need safe drinking water?