Chlorination Tablets

Water purification tablets, chlorine tablets and NaDCC tablets continue to offer one of the most effective, compact and easy to use means of water treatment available on the market today. As a global distributor of Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, we serve a wide range of markets including outdoor sport, travel health, humanitarian aid, disaster response, OEM kit manufacturing and special applications.

Markets & Applications

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets are available in a wide range of sizes and formats for an equally long list of applications and markets. From foil packaged 8.5mg, 49mg, 167mg and 334mg for retail markets, 33mg, 67mg and 167mg ER strips and 1.67g and 8.68g tub packaged Aquatabs for multi-purpose applications, granules and more – contact us today for more information and pricing.

Aquatabs Water Purification Tabets are available in Canadian and USA format. Full retail presentation ensures high shelf appeal and quick turns. Aquatabs are Iodine Free, compact, ready to use in 30 minutes and come in glass free packaging. Contact us today for wholesale pricing.

As a global distributor, we’ve shipped bulk packaged, emergency shipments of Aquatabs to Haiti, Syria, Turkey and more, servicing the needs of international NGOs, OEMs, military and private expediting companies. We can offer a wide range of tablet sizes and shipping options to provide safe drinking water when and where it’s needed most.

As a global distributor of Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, we specialize in serving the needs of OEM kit manufacturing and assembly. We provide bulk packaged water purification tablets for use in survival kits, first-aid kits, promo kits, bug-out bags, emergency readiness kits, 72 hour kits and more. We’ll work with your team to ensure full regulatory compliance. Water purification tablets are considered a regulated product in many countries and additional printed leaflets and labeling are a must. Contact us today for the best combination of pricing and product quality available on the market today.

Do you have a special application requiring a water purification tablet, chlorinated water, water purification, algae control, residual chlorination, tank cleaning, etc.? We can provide water purification tablets to protect sensitive equipment with closed water tanks, control algae in ponds and fountains, protect irrigation equipment, produce chlorine mother solutions, improve conditions for poultry and livestock and so much more. Contact us today to ask if we can help with your special project or application.

Global Logistics

Global Hydration has the experience and logistics team to support requirements around the globe.

We’ve coordinated dedicated air shipments of humanitarian aid to places like Haiti, Syria and Turkey. We’ve supported disaster aid teams in the heat of Panama and the cold of Canada’s north. We ship to remote first nations communities, mining exploration camps and fly-in fishing camps. We also offer fulfillment services, packaging solutions and warehousing services for Canadian product distribution.

Expedited air cargo, sea cargo, LTL, common courier, bus, float plane we’re dedicated to get your shipment delivered each and every time, on time. Our network of shippers and expediters has been built on quality, reliability and experience.

We offer specialty services and support including notary work, stamps and certifications, commercial invoices, brokerage, insurance and more.

Where do you need safe drinking water?

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