Global Hydration is very excited to announce that it has partnered with Zing Anything to be the first Canadian retailer of the innovative Citrus Zinger and Aqua Zinger water bottle. Know as a supplier and solutions provider of water purification and treatment systems, Global Hydration immediately saw the synergies between itself and Zing Anything.

Global Hydration CEO Andrew Moorey made the announcement by stating “We give our customers the tools to produce some of the safest, best tasting drinking water on the planet, often from some very challenging water sources. To put the “Hydration” into “Global Hydration”, we wanted to help our customers find a way to stay properly hydrated and for the average adult, that means drinking over 3 L of water per day.  As good a job as we do in helping our customers produce clean, clear, great tasting drinking water, staying properly hydrated can sometimes be a chore. By offering our customers the Citrus Zinger and Aqua Zinger water bottles, they can quickly and easily add some real Zing to their water without artificial ingredients and unnecessary sugars and sweetners.” Moorey summed up the announcement by saying with a grin, “The Vodka Zinger product is simply an added bonus.” Zing Anything Canada.

To purchase the Citrus Zinger, Aqua Zinger and Vodka Zinger, please click here to visit our web store.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Moorey, CEO
Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.

Phone: +1 (807) 577-0030

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